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Our focus is on how our team will be able to maximize the traditional and online marketing strategies available to reach everyone globally. We just don’t focus mainly on the local market but the entire global market. We aim to provide a service that is limitless, creative and easy to understand. The relationship we establish as a foundation with our partners is very important to us.

We believe in the success of each individual our success too. We have created and designed different marketing plans both traditional and online that will perfectly fit our partners’ and future partners’ need.


If there is one concern that returns to the very start of blogging, it’s “exactly what blogging platform should I utilize?” Everybody asks this concern (to Google, more than likely), and everybody gets bombarded by a thousand various responses. (For years, the most popular post on my individual blog site was “Blogger vs WordPress: My Experience with Both” that I composed a while earlier, and we even have one here from 2015.).

That format, the head-to-head, X vs Y post, is still ridiculously popular, with among the most typical being Medium vs WordPress. For good factor, too. Both Medium and WordPress are great platforms with a lot to provide blog writers. When thinking about where your blog site needs to live, you have to understand there is no incorrect option here.

You would do great with either Medium or WordPress, however ideally I can direct you through a few of the more noteworthy functions for both to assist make your choice a little much easier.

Look Inside Yourself (or Your Blog).
When thinking about whether to choose Medium or WordPress, you have to consider exactly what you require from your blog site or publication. Is it an individual blog site you’re doing as a pastime, or are you going to monetize it ultimately? Are you going to offer items on your blog site, and just how much conversation will occur on your posts themselves versus social networks? What does it cost? fixed material will you have?

When you’ve got a couple of responses rattling around in your head, checked out onward.

Medium is a reasonably brand-new publishing platform, having actually introduced in August 2012. That’s a complete 10 years behind WordPress– a minimum of when you think about the length of time WordPress has actually been around– however it’s ended up being a staple amongst the web’s blogging scene.  Even the author went for the Medium trend with his blog https://medium.com/@lloydcdgosner

Medium was begun by the exact same fella who assisted begin Twitter. His participation is necessary due to the fact that more than anything (well, beyond being a publishing platform), Medium has to do with social connections and individuals. The material is essential, obviously, however the variety of manner ins which authors and their audience is basic to the experience.

You can clap for posts you like, show good friends and fans, as well as highlight parts of text to comment straight onto instead of beginning a thread after whatever is stated and done (though that is possible, too). Then, those remarks are connected back to your very own profile, where your fans can see them and participate on the discussion.

Just like Instagram or Facebook stories, Medium’s series provide authors the capability to release material in a card-based publication. You include images and text to the cards, and as the story you’re informing advances with time, you constantly upgrade the very same Series.

The selling point of this being mobile-only is that it’s bite-sized, simple to check out and browse, and unlike other social platforms where this kind of material vanishes after a while, any Series you release stays live– similar to other blog sites you’ve composed.

Not everybody will care or make the most of Series, however if you’re up for attempting brand-new formats, WordPress does not have anything even much like this.

Medium is tidy. No, not in regards to material ranking, however in regards to style, design, and UX. It simply works.

A white background with black text in a single column in the center of the screen. That’s all you have to get your point throughout. Heck, often there isn’t really even a menu bar at the top.

When you utilize Medium for your blog site, you’re stating that yes, material is king and words are his bannermen.

Practically together with the tidy, very little design, Medium is a racer. Performance-wise, your blog site is quick and furious and all set to win whatever street race you put it in.

From publishing to searching to checking out to getting in touch with buddies and sharing material, whatever you do on Medium is quite scorching. Since the platform is concentrated on something– publishing– it gets rid of much of the bloat that can decrease other blogging platforms.

With Medium, authors can compose, and they can compose quick. Due to the fact that Medium is produced composing. Quick.

Not whatever is sunlight and lollipops in Mediumville, however. If you’re the type of individual who modifies their blog site all the time, dealing with font style pairings, colors, and header images … you simply may dislike it.

Due to the fact that you cannot do any of that. You get to submit your avatar, select your very own bio, and if you have a publication (generally a collective blog site numerous individuals compose), you set a color pattern and a logo design, that example.

However you’re not altering anything else. Medium is Medium is Medium.

You either cope with it, or you transfer to

Ahhh, WordPress. You wonderful monster, you. Clearly, here at Elegant Themes, we enjoy WordPress. We utilize WordPress, and we promote WordPress as much as we can. Now, that does not imply that WordPress is the very best option for whatever all the time, however here are a few of the factors it may the best one for you.

Where Medium removes your capability to select a lot about the style of your blog site, WordPress provides you extraordinary control. With styles, plugins, and widgets at your command, there’s actually absolutely nothing you cannot do (website-wise, that is. Cold fusion and continuous movement are still from WP’s orbit).

If you’re the type of individual who fine-tunes things continuously, includes components, takes them away, alters the user experience all the time, then WordPress offers you exactly what you desire. Medium might be constraining for you, however WordPress will release you from those shackles. If they’re shackles at all.

Plus, if you’re an Elegant Themes member, Divi makes it exceptionally simple to develop a Medium-clone that runs just as rapidly. Simply sayin’.

WordPress isn’t really simply a blogging platform. It started that way, however because 2004, it has actually broadened into a lot more than that. With simply under one-third of all sites operating on WordPress, you can utilize the platform even if you do not have a blog site! (Blasphemy, I understand.).

If your site is more than simply a the home of your blog site, or your blog site is possibly not the main focus of your site, WordPress might be the very best bet for you. Offering your items, taking bookings and preparing occasions, WP has you covered.

The disadvantage to WP being a totally understood CMS is that it can have a knowing curve. For you to blow all its whistles, sound its bells, and get it to leap through hoops, you need to put in a bit more time than you finish with Medium.

If you require more, you can do more. And if you require less, you do not need to utilize everything. Like I stated in the beginning, it depends on you and exactly what your requirements are now (and exactly what they’ll remain in the future, too).

One disadvantage to WordPress is that since it does so much so well, it does not have a concentrate on particular functions like Medium. One element of where WordPress is badly doing not have in contrast is social networking.

Yes, you can share your posts to any network you’re a member of, and your readers can leave remarks at the bottom of posts in threads, there’s not a great deal of interactivity in between users within WordPress itself.

Some plugins like BuddyPress and Disqus aim to repair that drawback, however in real usage, they’re no place as smooth and smooth as Medium. If having the ability to straight engage with your readers is necessary to you, WordPress might fall a little brief.

It’s not that it cannot do it, however it’s not produced it. Medium is.

Material Control.
And after that there’s the olden argument of who manages your material. Exactly what do you do if Medium goes kaput? Where do your blog sites go? If they live over there on Medium’s cloud, exactly what occurs when it’s all drizzled out?

Well, that’s sort of a huge factor that folks choose WordPress. Perhaps the primary factor. If you’re utilizing self-hosted WordPress (the.org variation), you have overall control of your files, WP setups, words, whatever. Unless something devastating takes place or you choose it’s time to close up store, your blog site and its material will exist.

If you do not have a backup, you lose that material. Which’s a concern. However it’s not the concern.

The real issue of control here isn’t really with material. It’s with audience. On Medium, you just have access to them through their Medium accounts. (Which does, undoubtedly, have connect to their social profiles if they enter them.).

With WordPress, you get direct access to your fans. They subscribe through e-mail, and after that you can engage with them as you want. You can sector, group, A/B test, separately connect, whatever. You’re in control of that list, and you constantly understand who those individuals are.

It might not seem like a big deal (or a great deal of distinction), however your audience is your bread-and-butter. They’re the jam on your biscuit, the avocado on your toast. They’re the …

Integrate these 2 concerns of control (both for material and for fans), and you have a huge factor folks choose WordPress over Medium for blogging. Being the one with last word over whatever has a great deal of appeal.

It’s one of the factors individuals like Divi a lot, when there are other hosted site-builders out there.

Medium vs WordPress: The Verdict.
In the end, I do not believe there’s a clear winner. There suffice advantages to both platforms that picking one over the other leaves some unpleasant doubts.

So utilize both of them. Put your short articles on both platforms!

Joe Sturtevant uses both WordPress and Medium https://medium.com/myimjourney

When you utilize their import tool, your website keeps its canonical link juice, and you get access to basically whatever Medium needs to use. It truly is the very best of both worlds. See, it does not need to be Medium vs WordPress at all.

However if your blog site needs to live someplace, I do believe that WordPress is the much better alternative. However you must completely be utilizing both platforms.

In using both platforms, I would still recommend putting just your finest material on both platforms.

You are going to be utilizing Medium as a method to press traffic to your website, to obtain visitors by yourself hallowed ground so that you can transform them from simply readers into buddies and consumers.

Because your material might survive on WordPress, you desire individuals to have reward to go to there. If it’s all on Medium, then exactly what’s the point of sending them back? You wish to have the best-of-the-best promoting your cause and bringing individuals back to head office.

In order to do that, use Medium’s social functions. Clap for individuals, comment/highlight/share other folks’ things. Release a couple mobile-only Series and compose material on Medium that might be much better matched for– gasp– Medium.

When it comes to where your blog site lives, I do believe WordPress is the much better online for the majority of people. However if you believe that implies I’m stating you ought to not blog on Medium, well, that ain’t real at all.

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