With the recent legalization of marijuana and the discovery of the numerous benefits of cannabinoid (oil from marijuana plants), the CBD industry is literally “blowing up” across America.  Recently, one of our clients, CBC Central, launched a line of CBD products aimed at capturing market share from this wave of new interest.  This article is a case study of some of the strategies we are helping them implement to boost their brand.

What is interesting about marketing a product that was until recent years, illegal, is there is a lot of residual distaste of a product that is classified as a “drug”.  Even though it is legal, according to Drug Policy Org not all laws are the same in all the states so the dust hasn’t settled yet on marijuana and the stigma it carries.  Our approach to branding their new line of products has to take this interesting dynamic into consideration.  We wanted to tread softly and ease our way to the messages we want to be heard.

Right now, marketing for marijuana and CBD is like the wild west.  There definitely is a free-for-all happening and our research on the search engines makes this obvious.  Since this is a new “market”, there are very few strong domains or well-established companies with a long term web presence.  And Google does not have a lot of search term categorization for this trend, making the analysis of buyer cues more challenging.

The first phase that we are with CBC Central was to get their branding done and launched their website www.cbdcentral.net.  It is a soft message to visitors mostly about the benefits of CBD products, which includes an article with Whoopi Goldberg and her very beneficial endorsement of CBD.

We also wanted to hit YouTube with some video marketing ads and so we launched a series of videos about the launch of their CBD Gummies, which should be very popular!  We kept the commercials short and to the point and just wanted to get some good exposure out to the market that we are here and ready to serve your CBD needs.  Here is one of the videos we launched:

So far the campaign is going pretty well, with mixed statistic in the first few weeks.  We have been trying to figure out why we are showing up for search terms we didn’t include and not showing up for some of our main search terms.  We suspect it has something to do with this being a whole new market and that everyone, including Google, is trying to figure out who should go where and what makes the most sense for search engine results to produce what an internet searcher is looking for.

It will be interesting to see how the marketing of marijuana and CBD will go on the internet and who the winners and losers will be at the end of the day.  Hopefully, our client will be one of the ones on top so we can say that we were part of developing their brand and marketing their company and products.  Another feather in our cap, as they say.  We will keep you posted.  Please leave any comments or like us on Facebook!